About San-in

“San-in “is how to call an area together with Tottori and Shimane .

The San-in is called “the place where God gathers” from ancient times .

Derived from so called , the God of all over Japan gathered to San-in , because had a discussion to decide the fate of the ” people and things ” .
The flow is taken over at present and is inherited continuously in the people as living as a myth .

The San-in is the place full of nature.San-in Geopark and Tottori dune, vivid sea and the vast land and Mt.Daisen and MtHyonosen of four seasons, such as Charming mountains…
Such a history and culture , in the rich natural , we’ve lived in together with traditional Japanese culture .

The named LOVE2SAN-IN ( Love Love Sun Inn ) was put the feeling that I want to experience the, our pride of Sanin .

About us

The purpose of the journey is different.
It’s experienced in sightseeing and a meal in a shopping, etc…

We live , here ” San-in ” .

Not there is a large shopping facility .
Not there is a major theme park .

In ” LOVE 2 SAN-IN ” , we are dealing with experience that can be precisely because came to San-in .
Mainly in the countryside of experience and natural experience – old experience , and we would like to introduce .
That we have to take care at the time of plan making,” Where do you go ? Than , anyone you meet ? The ” is that .

No. 1 to meet with local people I want to cherish because it is from someone coming from far away to San-in .
Lived in Sanin , precisely because of us who have been in contact with the local of attractive people , you know the fascinating people and experience !
The San-in of things and events that appeal , we want to share with guests from all over the world …I have packed a lot of such a thought .

Of the tour that we plan , the Japanese still in the mystery of countries and San-in do not know , that can not forget , let’s enjoy all means a great encounter .

LOVE2SAN-IN Everyone