Lunch and Kazuwa ware experience created by the grandpa of Sekigane-cho.

ツアータイトル 関金のおじいちゃんが作る!
農家レストランでお食事 &上神(かずわ)焼き陶芸体験♪
時間 【ランチ】11:30〜13:30
参加費 5,000(税込) 円
最小催行人数 2名


The grandfather doing the farming in Tottori-ken Chubu Sekigane-cho makes good lunch.

Please enjoy a ceramics experience of the Kazuwa ware which continues from 260 years before in Funioka, Kurayoshi-shi after good meal.

【course for your infomation】

Let’s eat the lunch which grandfather of  Tottori Sekigane-cho cooks.
The dish is fun of the day.The fresh vegetables which could be passed in the field and something special bought locally are used.


After lunch, I move to Funioka, Kurayoshi-shi.
I’ll turn a potter’s wheel and enjoy a ceramics experience while telling Mr. Nakamori of the Kazuwa ware in Funioka.


time schedule【The Grandfathers】11:30~13:30
【Ceramic art experience】14:00~15:00
tour price5,000yen(include tax)per person.
Included in the price・lunch
・Ceramic art experience charges
・include tax
reservereservation possible until 3days at 3pm before deppartur.