Let’s climb the Japan’s most dangerous national treasure in the straw sandals which we made with oneself!

ツアータイトル 自分で編んだ藁草履で登る!日本一危険な国宝三徳山
時間 【藁草履編み】9:30~12:00
参加費 6,000(税込)円
昼食付き 7,000(税込) 円
最小催行人数 2名


The temple of national treasure mitokusan sanbutsu-ji nageire-dou is built on the rapid cliff.

The chief priest and the mountaineer are often climbed in a straw sandals.I can usually borrow straw sandals in sanbutsu-ji.But you edit straw by oneself with much effort, and do you not arrange a straw sandals only for oneself?

I make a straw sandals in the morning in this course and can climb a mountain in the straw sandals which I made with oneself from the afternoon.


A national treasure injection temple of mitokusan sanbutsu-ji is the building which, besides, is unique.

Nageire-dou which was built in the hollow of the precipice,There is the legend that a person with mysterious power throws it by the dharmatic power in old days and had.
There is the place to climb along a narrow way and chain to look at the nageire-dou.
Therefore it is said to be the most difficult in Japan to look at the national treasure.
It is recommended that I climb it in a straw sandals.

At first I knit a straw sandals in the morning.
A teacher is everybody living in local Misasa-cho. I will knit a straw sandals while hearing a local story.

Let’s climb it in the straw sandals which we knit by oneself in the afternoon towards national treasure mitokusan sanbutsuji nageire-dou.
※ The guide is not assigned to mountain climbing.


time scheduleStraw sandals knitting lecture 9:30~12:00

(Each person lunch)※ The lunch preparations for vegetarian cooking are possible with an option, too.

Mitoku-san mountain climbing 13:00~15:30
tour price6,000yen(include tax)per person.
&lunch 7,000yen(include tax)per person.
Included in the price・Straw sandals knitting material cost
・Straw sandals knitting experience charges
・Admission fee to a temple
・include tax
reservereservation possible until 3days at 3pm before deppartur.