Privacy Policy

Personal information protection policy

We recognize the importance of the customer’s personal information protection hard and obey related bills as well as set the following private policy, mention the whole company and make an effort toward appropriate protection of customer’s personal information.

1. Acquiring Personal information

We acquire personal information that needed for the business by the legitimate and just means.

2. The use purpose of personal information

We don’t use customer’s personal information, for another purpose.The use purpose of the personal information we acquire is as follows.

1. We use the customer’s personal information for contact which was indicated on submitted application or e-mail  with a customer. It’s used for the transportation used by travel service, arrangements of a stay and necessary procedure.

2. When dissemination of information is delivered to an e-mail magazine from us.

3. When the store with which we cooperate uses personal information of the customer applied to our travel service for, that follow the store’s policy.

3. About safety management of personal information.

The personal information that we took from the customer is organized and is physical, and it prevents unjust invasion, loss, destruction, manipulation to personal information and a leak by a technical and human measure.When I looked good with loss, destruction, manipulation, a leak of an invasion, the personal information that the personal information that we took it than a visitor is unjust, I take an organized physical human technique-like measure and protect personal information. We perform appropriate management supervision about confidentiality and act for prevention of leak when we entrusts to outsourcing with the handling of personal data which we hold.

4. About personal information, inquired, elucidated, corrected and eliminated.

When a stop of the notice of the use purpose of the personal information, disclosure, a correction, addition, deletion of the personal information or the use is hoped for, a general inquiry about the personal information that we hold or a visitor, please consult to a Inquiry counter as follows. According to the internal regulations that laws and ordinances and we establish, I take necessary measures on this occasion as far as it is legal. In addition, we give a explanation about the reason when it is not accepted all or partly.

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