Let’s experience a daily farmhouse in the Grandfathers of Sekigane-cho

ツアータイトル 関金町のおじいちゃん家で1日農家体験♪
時間 10:00〜15:00
参加費 5,000(税込) 円
最小催行人数 2名


The house of grandfather is built in the heart of a mountain of Tottori.
Having a big field, the vegetables bringing up become dozens of kinds.A pea, cabbage are done in spring, and there are a green pepper, eggplant in summer, and there are a sweet potato, taro in autumn, and there are a Chinese cabbage, a Japanese radish in winter and can harvest various things even if I perform it in which season.
Let’s experience the farmhouse living of the daily country in the Grandfathers of Sekigane-cho!



Time schedule10:00~15:00
tour price5,000yen(include tax)per person.
Included in the price・Agriculture experience charges
・include tax
reservereservation possible until 3days at 3pm before deppartur.